"The Fighter Destined for Fame"

Age: 16 (8 Lutecian years)

Height: 160 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Bust: 89cm

Waist: 52cm

Hips: 84cm

Home Planet: Lutecia

Race: Lutecian


Roomi is a 16/8 year old Lutecian girl who is rather popular on her home planet of Lutecia. When she hears of a tournament to greet Felden, she enters hoping to gain intergalactic fame. She seems to have the ability to sense her opponent's feelings before they strike.

Roomi is a Lutecian girl. All Lutecians have pointy ears, orangish-tan skin, and weird legs. I think they are called Digi-Grade legs or something. The point is they have elf ears and rabbit legs. Lutecians like to wear puffy clothes, especially puffy gloves, and commonly have orange hair. I'm not sure if all Lutecian women have rather large…mammaries, but Roomi noticably does. Also note that Lutecians seem to have a "cute" animal like mouth. Lutecians are mammals. It's my theory that all things on planet Lutecia evolved from the bunny rabbit. Just look at the rest of the wild life there! And Yacopu! Lutecia has a very long year. Roomi is only 8 in Lutecian years! However, she is 16 in our years.

Roomi is a ditz. I'm not sure what the average IQ of a Lutecian is, but Roomi is a Lutecian air-head! This is apparent from what she says, the way she draws out some of her words, and the fact that she tends to speak in 3rd person. In Japan, children often speak in 3rd person. But when an adult speaks in 3rd person, it shows that they have a child-like mentality. Most adults in anime who speak in 3rd person are air-headed girls. There is, however, one instance of a man speaking in 3rd person: THE GREAT DAMARAMU! (You are hear by ordered to go watch Dragon Half! SUBTITLED! The Dub SUCKS! Oh crap, I'm ranting… ) Yeah, anyway, Roomi is air-headed. Umm…anyway, Roomi is a cute Lutecian air-head. Air-heads, they're out of control!

Many people say Roomi is the only reason to play Galaxy Fight. While she may not be the only reason, she most certainly is the main reason. ROOMI KICKS ASS. As seen here:

< Roomi after G.Done's losing Quote

Roomi: Quit staring at Roomi's boooooobs!!! You G.Done is too ecchi!


Roomi, I think, was best described by a Roomi fan who wrote a review of the Playstation Galaxy Fight on GameFAQs, he described Roomi like this:

"I left my favourite for last, not just because she's my favourite, but because she is so weird she demands more attention. I speak of course of Roomi. She's a bouncy alien gal with a purple bodysuit and huge white pneumatic gloves, boots and boobs. She also has rabbit ears and a voluminous mane of hair down to her ankles. I use pneumatic very advisedly, because those parts of her simply look like they were inflated with a bicycle pump and would burst if a pin was applied. She even inflates her own chubby white glove before decking someone with it as a special move. She inspires the kind of feelings women must get when they see chubby-cheeked babies. Add in her squealy Japanese voice and she's cute as hell. Yep, she has bouncing boobs too, and they seem really inspired for a change because her whole outlook is just so... FREAKY!!! "

Move List


C -Suppoko Ride

Special Moves:

+C (in the air) - Star Punch

+Any - Rabbit Blow (Can be done 3 times as a combo)

Holdthen+Any - Rolling Crush

Jump+A+B+C - Rolling Bomber

360+Any - Giant Knuckle


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